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playing on geoguesser
1: http://url.geoguessr.com/6ZGT

2: 12274 points in total.

3: http://url.geoguessr.com/6ZJe

Start time: March 19, 3:43am

I think this is my last one tonight.Collapse )

End time: March 19, 4:16am

Start time: March 19, 3:25am

Well, shit.Collapse )

End time: March 19, 3:36am
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Start time: March 19, 2:09am

I think I'm in Brazil again...Collapse )

End time: March 19, 3:24am

Start time: March 19, 12:12am

Oh god, they don't speak English this time.Collapse )

End time: March 19, 1:36am
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Start time: March 18, 10:20pm

Where the fuck am I, really.Collapse )

End time: March 18, 11:52pm

(no subject)
So, I just discovered MapCrunch, and because I'm semi-avoiding tumblr (I can't be bothered to really start using it) I'm going to be putting my FIND THE AIRPORT adventures in here. Because I don't want to fill up my actual blog with UHHH I CAN'T FIND IT. So!

Adventure #1 will be up shortly haha.

(no subject)


I've been stalking this account for weeks that's kind of sad, actually waiting for it to finally be purged and wouldn't you know it happens while I'm on the bus on the way home from work and my phone has no regular internet service but ahhh I got it to work and I flailed all the way home and hee.

I have big plans for this journal, oh yes I do~